Transitioning your Dog to a Raw Food Diet


Some things you will Notice

Changes in your dog's stool.

Most new raw feeders love the smaller and less smelly stools from a raw fed dog. 

You will also notice in the first two weeks of feeding  raw a little film of mucus on your dog's stool, this is okay it is a sign that your dog's body is cleansing itself of toxins.

Transitioning Puppies

Typically puppies do not have any digestive issues, therefore the will be able to tolerate a more rapid switch within 1 or 2 days. You should start by adding 1/4 of Happee Dawg to your dogs current diet each meal, gradually increasing the raw food while reducing the kibble until your dog is completely on raw.

Transitioning Dogs

Begin by adding 1/6 of Happee Dawg to your dogs current food. After 2 days double the Happee Dawg portion, while reducing the kibble. After 4 days of feeding reduce the kibble to half and add half Happee Dawg. On day 6 you should be able to completely remove kibble and the transition should be complete

Transitioning Picky Eaters

The picky eaters may turn their nose at the texture or smell of the raw diet, if so this what you need to do to ensure a smoother transition.

  • Fast your dog the night prior to feed their first raw meal

  • Reduce or eliminate treats until raw transition is complete