Happee Dawg Policies

Refund policy:

Orders cannot be canceled after 2 business days, if a cancellation is requested after 2 business days, and it is approved, store credit will be issued.

If you receive a damaged package, please contact us within 2 business days so we can issue a refund or reship the package. Pictures are required.

If you believe there is a batch issue with your products and are unsatisfied with the quality, the physical product may be returned in person or picked up by us to investigate, prior to any refunds of original payment. Without receiving the physical product either by mail or in person, no refunds or store credit will be issued.

If you contact us with an order concern after 2 business days of receiving the order, we may issue store credit on a case by case basis. There will not be an option of reshipment or refunds after 2 business days. So that your claim is processed promptly, please provide us with pictures of your damaged or defected items. If you do not provide pictures of your claim we will investigate the issue by video, shipping details, and copy of packing slip to render a decision.

We do not refund items based on physical dissatisfaction. If there is a claim of possible contamination or perished product, we will pick the product up from your home and send you a refund after our investigation. We take quality control very seriously and take all necessary steps of investigating product concerns, which may 2-3 weeks.

All order concerns should be emailed to info@happeedawg.com or phoned to (626)265-1823. *******Social media reps do not always have access to customer order history or private order information as we do not allow 3rd party access for the protection of our customers. Social media order complaints may or may not be answered. 

Pickup order

When picking up an order please state the name that is listed on the order sheet.

If you would like to expedite your pickup order there will be a $20 dollar charge.

If you miss your scheduled pickup day please contact info@happeedawg.com to schedule a new pickup day. ALL PICKUPS MUST BE SCHEDULED, IF YOU STOP BY WITHOUT SPEAKING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE PRIOR TO YOUR  ARRIVAL YOU MAY BE ASKED TO COME BACK ANOTHER DAY.

If you cannot make it to pickup your order please email or call customer service to let us know.


We have an order minimum of 15 lbs for FROZEN product - home delivery. We cannot guarantee the product will arrive in condition to you at weights lower than 15 lbs, and will not be responsible for any orders as such.

Any shipments that did not arrive as scheduled will be investigated prior to re-shipping. The investigation can take-up 5 business days.

Returning undelivered shipments or re-routing to a different address( not on the original order) may result in denial of the reshipment.

***Any changes made to the scheduled delivery once the package is delivered, we will not be responsible for.

******Please include all important details of your address including : gate codes, Apt/Ste numbers and any special requirements. It’s important to understand any discrepancies on the address will result in failure of shipments. These failures will not be covered by Happee Dawg.  

Shipping labels are created shortly after the order is placed. If you must make changes to the destination, please do so within the first 5 hours of placing the order. Changing the information after may result in immediate cancellation or error in the delivery. We will not take responsibility for changes made to the shipments, on the customer's end.

Dry ice is added to each order always. The amount depends on weight and zip code. Although you may not see the dry ice as it evaporates in transit, we insure all packages will not leave without it.......EVER!

Items may arrive to you Partially thawed /defrosted depending on  weight of the box or time of delivery, as long as the product is cold, it is safe to freeze and re-feed. 

We do not refund items based on physical dissatisfaction. If there is a claim of possible contamination or perished product, we will pick the product up from your home and send you a refund after investigation. 

Happee Dawg will make deliveries Tuesday - Friday. Some zip codes qualify for Saturday deliveries and we occasionally will deliver to those zip codes on Saturdays. These zip codes begin with 92, 91, 90. 

Currently we do not make Sunday or Monday deliveries. 
Happee Dawg ships orders to address in California, and some areas of Nevada and Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Washington state, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon. 

All Shipping orders will be processed within 3 - 4 business days. 
All orders are shipped with dry ice, no exceptions. Dry ice may or may NOT be present at the time of opening your package, please use proper instruments in deposing and handling dry ice. We will not be liable if you harm your self in the handling of dry ice improperly. 
Please have someone home to receive package, refunds will not be issued if package is delivered and no one is available to place package in proper storage after delivery.

Any noticed spoilage or damages must be reported within 1 days after the delivery to allow us proper investigation. Product will either be picked up from your location and shipped back to us or refunded in total.  

Product may arrive to you partially thawed/ defrosted depending on weight of box and time of delivery. As long as they are cold to the touch, feeding and re freezing are safe and within our policy.

Happee Dawg Shipping & Pick up Policies

As you know, we are a USDA facility and are held to strict scheduling for processing and handling raw pet food, that if neglected at any point, licenses could be revoked. 


All pick- ups require pre orders online. If you cannot make the pick- up day and time, please email us to reschedule for the following week. *Showing up without notice may result in long wait times, or having to leave without your order.


Happee Dawg ships Monday-Thursday and Fridays to some zip codes, using GSO and FedEx. The company in which your package ships with, depends on your zip code. We take 2-3 business days to process the order prior to shipment.

Estimated Transit Times

CA: 1 business day.

AZ: 1-2 business days ( depending on zip code) 

NV: 1-2 business days (depending on zip code) 

NM: 1-2 business days ( depending on zip code) 

ID: 1-2 business days ( depending on zip code)

WA : 2-3 Business days ( depending on zip code)

CO: 3 business days ( depending on zip code)

UT: 3-4 business days ( depending on zip code)

TX: 3 business days (depending on zip code)

You may email, social media, call, text, live chat us at any time you want to know when the order will be shipped/delivered and we can provide you with this information. All communication of shipping is sent to the email provided on the order form. If you do not add an email when you place an order, we cannot communicate with you on shipping eta’s or order updates. 


If your place of business is not open from 7am until at least 8pm, or has restrictions on limited personnel entry- we would NOT advise to use it as your shipping address. FedEx and GSO will not leave a package at a CLOSED business. Closed for lunch, closed for the day are both hassles in delivering a package, and will not be left. We will not reship packages at our expense for closed businesses.

We plan, process, and ship orders at the time they are received, therefore, changes made to orders after they are placed, are not always a guarantee.