Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare Happee Dawg raw dog food?

Happee Dawg 2lb chub rolls will thaw within 8 -15 hours in the refrigerator You may thaw half the roll and refreeze/ refrigerate the rest. Discard any left over refrigerated raw meat after 3 days. Meals can be frozen up to 3 months without any change in quality if meat is kept in a airtight sealed container or bag.


How many days notice do I need to give for new orders?

3 - 4 days for processing prior to shipments. Depending on product availability it may take longer to fulfill orders.


How many colors of are there of  Green Tripe?

Green Tripe comes in 3 colors.

Will my dog become vicious and kill animals when he starts eating raw dog food?

Here is a big myth. Dogs will not become dangerous to people at all while on a raw diet. They may love their food more than ever and have a natural instinct to protect it, however any trained dog will not become aggressive regardless what they are fed.


What type of meat do you use in Happee Dawg raw dog food?

All of our meat is sourced from USDA certified and inspected facilities. We only use meat and poultry suitable for human consumption. All meats we use are sourced in the USA, we do not use any imported meats. Our meats are NON-GMO.


What is seaweed kelp and why should I feed it to my pet?

Seaweeds are the largest marine algae, mainly found and cultivated in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is an extremely nutritious and rich source of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates, and over 50 minerals and trace elements. Its high levels of iodine help establish a pet’s solid and healthy glandular system including their pituitary and adrenal glands. When mixed with a nutritious and balanced diet, you will notice less tartar, shinier coats, and better stools.


How do I switch to a raw dog food diet?

The best way to switch your dog to a raw diet is “cold turkey”. This means you stop feeding kibble, on day 1 and on day two, you feed raw. You can introduce a starve day in between if you like to help clear the dogs system of kibble, starving will not harm your dog, in nature dogs are used to going a day or two without food after an unsuccessful hunt. We suggest, as well as research, you’re best off sticking with 100% raw. Meat and kibble are digested at different rates which isn’t ideal for your dog and can lead to an upset stomach. For the first week, stick with one kind of food. Example: If you try our chicken meal first, stick with it all week to make sure your dog likes it and passes it well, before trying our beef meal. If you have a puppy, switching is the same process. Puppies love raw dog food, and will very easily take to it. Start puppies off with three meals a day rather than two until they are around 6 months old.


Can I cook the bones?

Raw bones are soft enough to bend and digest easily, cooking isn’t recommended or necessary. Cooked bones splinter quicker and can be very dangerous.


Why should I switch my dog to a raw dog food diet?

Raw foods are what dogs are designed to eat. Raw foods are full of enzymes, protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Our meal was intended to stick to their ancestral diet, which dogs thrived on years ago, leading them to have a longer lifespan than dogs today by 15 years.


I just made the switch to a raw dog food diet and my dog won't eat. What should I do?

This is common with some dogs that have been fed a processed diet for long periods of time. Many times the dog isn’t sure its food, raw food has very little odor compared to kibble which has added flavors. You can introduce the starve method mentioned earlier to clear the system of kibble, starving will not harm your dog, in nature dogs are used to going a day or two without food after an unsuccessful hunt.You can also add green tripe to the meal to entice dogs to eat. Try meal toppers like smelt, feet..and any other fresh treats your dogs love.


Why are my dog's stools smaller while eat raw dog food?

Dogs are capable of metabolizing up to 95% of the ingredients. What’s left over, reflects on the size of their stool. This means they are receiving the full nutrition they need, rather than unnecessary fillers. Also, raw diet for dogs means less wastage inside the dog’s digestive system, so the poo comes out firm, small, and with less smell.


Can I chop up vegetables or give them chunks of vegetables whole?

The vegetable would need to be a placed in a food processor or something like a juicer. Reason being is you are trying to mimic the vegetable matter found in the stomach of a prey animal, also dogs can not digest cellulose. The walls of plants are made up of cellulose, so for your dogs to obtain the nutrients from the veggies you placed in his bowl, you would need to crush the cell walls. Chopping them up only crushes the cell walls on the outside, leaving the bit in the middle pretty much unavailable to them nutritionally. If you cook the veggies you are only destroying the cell walls, but as this also destroys a lot of the nutrients and enzymes in the veggies (even canned veggies), it really defeats the purpose.


Should I feed my dog Grains?

In our opinion, Grains are not a natural part of the dog’s diet. You will not find carnivores choosing to eat grains in the wild. Dogs do have the ability to digest some grains, but try to use more species appropriate choices.


Do the patties contain different ingredients than the 2 lb roll?

No, the patties contain the same ingredients as the 2 lb roll blends.

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