We source, clean, cut, and lay or hang dry single ingredient treats. All this happens in our USDA approved processing facility.

Not all treats are created equal: Milk bones, Bacon biscuits, and many more found at pet food stores are full of harmful ingredients. Pesticide is a major ingredient found in commercial shelf stable dog treats. Totally Raw treats are made without the use of preservatives. 

Totally Raw treats are made by removing most moisture from the original raw form without removing the nutrients. Our minimally processed treats/chews all serve a nutritional purpose with each bite. We only use biologically appropriate animal parts. 

Please read before purchasing a product from this category:

1. Products in this category do not include preservatives. They are not completely shelf stable for an allotted time frame. 


 3. Only items that state "free shipping" will ship free, all other added non- free shipping items are subject to shipping charges.

***** Please monitor your pet while feeding any bones that have been dried.  Feeding bones both processed and raw are a risk and should be fed slowly with caution. 


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