The Happee Dawg Story

Like our customers, we are dog owners ourselves. Our first family dog, Kira, joined us on Christmas 2014. Right away, we knew we wanted her on the best diet, in order to keep her alive and vet free as long as possible. After research, we learned that the most expensive, well known kibble, contained harmful ingredients. We went to the store and bought what claimed to be raw, but it was refrigerated, this indicated there had to be some preservatives present for shelf life. We decided to come up with our own formula, natural, Raw, clean, free of preservatives, grains and fillers and started feeding our family dogs, then our friends dogs and everything grew from there...

Our philosophy is simple; dogs are decendents of wolves, requiring whole meat and bones. The more non-essential ingredients added to foods, increase the possibily of allergies in sensitive or allergy prone dogs. Therefore, veggies, rice, corn, oats, are never added to our meals, as dogs do not require these ingredients daily. We believe our meals are the perfect combination of complete blends, only consisting of simple, human grade, USDA approved ingredients.



- Chris & Rachel Morrisey
Happee Dawg Owners