The benefits of both green tripe & seafood for dogs, makes this new blend an exciting, qualified rotating option.  If you have picky eaters who are always looking for a new favorite, the presence of green tripe is known to entice appetite. Sardines & smelt will offer Omega-3's naturally without the presence of artificial powers and supplements. We formulate this product by following the prey model raw method of meat, bones, organs. 

This product is cut into quarter lb patties, for your convenience. It is the same formulation as its smaller 2 lb counter- part we offer. 

Ingredients: Beef Hearts, Beef Tripe, Beef Trachea, Beef Bones, Beef Kidney, Beef Liver, Beef Spleen, Sardines, Smelt.

Product Description 

Grass-fed & finished Beef Green tripe, Pasture Raised Beef, Pacific Ocean sourced fish. 
12 patties to qual 3 lbs. Some sizes may vary, resulting in fewer but larger sizes.  
Sourced & produced from USDA facilities in USA. 

    Nutritional Facts

    MOISTURE:  67.23%
    PROTEIN: 13.75%
    FAT: 16.10%
    FIBER: 1.41 %

      *Disclaimer: This blend includes Tripe, Seafood, and Beef proteins. If your vet suggests staying away from any of these items, please be responsible and do not feed. 

      * We suggest feeding this blend in rotation with other complete meals.

      *Product not suggested for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


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