This product is 100% Beef Green Tripe. We source, grind, cut into quarter pound patties.

Tripe is the common term for stomach lining of cattle. At the unprocessed state, tripe is the most nutritious. It is a great meat source full of probiotics and is low in fat. These natural ingredients found in green tripe allow to aid in multiple health benefits for dogs including digestion, easing constipation and encouraging appetite. 


Benefits of Raw Beef Green Tripe:

Natural source of Chondroitin sulfate.  

 IDEAL Calcium TO Phosphorus ratio. 

 2,900,000 gm Lactic Acid Bacteria present 

 Fertility Booster 

 Rich in Digestive enzymes that improve gut health 


Product Description: 

Grass Fed & Finished Beef 
NET WT: 3 lb bag
APPROX 10-12 pieces per bag 
Processed in a USDA facility 
Product should be kept FROZEN until ready to thaw. 

Product has a FROZEN shelf life of 18 months. Product that is refrigerated should be discarded after 4 days.



    Nutritional Facts:

    Moisture: 72%            Ash: 1.22%                   Selenium: 0.30 mg/kg

    Protein: 13%              Calories: 430 cal/cup   Zinc: 23.11 mg/kg

    Fat: 12%                      Iron: 126.4 mg/kg

    Calcium: 0.1%                   Manganese: 25 mg/kg

    Phosphorus: 0.13%          Potassium: 0.14%

    * Disclaimer!!!

    ***This product is unprocessed to provide its most natural benefits, therefore, you must finger through the food and monitor feeding. This product may contain grass, rocks, and other objects the animal has consumed. *****

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