Let me guess... you're in this bulk section because you have way too many dogs and need a discount for all the meat they go through? Maybe you're a breeder or starting a local co- op in your area? Whatever the case may be, this section is designed for customers who want product without the shipping/ and handling materials and fees. Bulk products will come by the case at 40 lbs and are available for pick up. Less labor, less cost! Any further questions, you can call  or text    

The Butcher's Special is our All Beef meal. This meal includes custom beef cuts for the purpose of grinding with precise percentages of meat to bone, to organ ratio. It is our top seller that even the pickiest of picky dogs prefer and love.


How much to Feed

  • Pre package raw dog food meals for all life stages.
  • Ingredients: Beef, Beef Heart,Beef Liver, Beef kidney, Beef Bones, Cod Liver Oil and Ocean Kelp
Availability: Many In Stock