Customer Reviews

Gemma "Miss Gemma" H.
San Diego, CA
My 130lb. Cane Corso puppy loves his diet from Happee Dawg. He also loves marrow bones, cow necks (his favorite), ox tails and duck heads. The chicken feet gross me out too much but he didn't mind them .  Customer Service has been great when need arises and they deliver it frozen to my door a good distance away. They deliver it for way cheaper than gas to pick it up and hours of traffic. Great quality and value. I'm Happee too!


Riverside, CA

 Customer service was very helpful. I bought a box of raw chicken and beef dog food patties. Chris was also nice enough to help me weigh the food and told me how much to feed my dogs. It was a rainy day and I had my son and Chris helped me carry the box into my car. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. They also sell any type of meat for humans to eat. Not to mention I also got a box of Black Angus Rib Eye meat : )
I will be back here soon!


Leanna A.
Pomona, CA

I just started my 3 dogs on the raw beef meal and I immediately saw a difference. Their coats are shinier and softer than ever and their stool is a lot less stinky and also more solid! They absolutely love the food. They also have more energy it's amazing! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!


Lisa H.
Hesperia, CA 

Product and customer service are fantastic! Ive had product delivered and picked up and all has been perfect. My dogs won't eat anything else now. We show and work dogs and they have to be in good weight and healthy and they have never been better since we left kibble for Happee Dawg.




Shiba Pack

With our busy schedules. it's hard to make time to pick up our dog food. One of the best things about Happee Dawg is that they deliver right to your doorsteps. They currently deliver their raw foods to 40 states and offer free shipping on various items. We also love supporting Happee Dawg because they're locally made and best of all, a family owned business!